Diginomica Episode - #28 - Paul Wright, CIO Accuride describes his SAP, Workday and Plex landscape

February 17, 2019

Accuride, a supplier of wheels for the trucking industry is on an implementation journey that includes Plex, Workday and SAP. 

The story has important implications for those faced with disparate landscapes and where the prospect of getting to a 'one-size fits all' doesn't fit. 

In this story, Paul Wright, Accuride's CIO explains what is happening and why. 

For example, we easily forget that different geographies have different laws concerning the export of data, which, in turn, changes the technology decision dynamic. Similarly, some countries have poor internet connectivity making the choice of moving to the cloud much more complex, if not impossible. 

Then there's the question of reporting across multiple geos. Here, Paul has an interesting take on how Workday Prism is helping. 

Finally, we talk about IoT and other advanced technologies. You'll be in for a surprise if you think that this industry is going full speed on these topics.